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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inspired by Megan's Blog

I've been organizing all day & trying to get my life somewhat together....There's a TON more that I could do, but what I did today is at least enough to keep me content for a bit. 
We were just getting tooo squished and It was going to be the death of me! Grant it, we're still pretty crammed, but I feel a little better.....

You guessed it! We still have a HUGE treadmill-that I adore- in b/t our den and dining area! BUT, I moved the coffee table and couch today and the big armoire, pulled the rug over & moved them all back and over, to give me a little bit more "Working out" Space! 

My little working out section! I even removed a few pieces of furniture here and there! 
It's good enough for now! Especially since I wouldn't trade my treadmill for anything!!! :)

I also did a little organizing and cleaning other places...In the garage I found clothes that hadn't been worn-how did they even end up there? hm. I also remembered I have a brand spankin' new Pottery Barn duvet cover monogramed & just waiting on me to get a duvet! Amazing the things I found :)

I also decided to redo the tables more "fall" like. Even though the heat was screaming "It's still summer!" today!

Yes we have hideous blinds, but living here is only temporary, so Im not putting anymore money in!
Forgive my lack of knowledge but could someone please inform me which side the napkin is supposed to be on? LOL :) 

Ihowever, I did not allow myself to seasonal decorate anymore! I had to stick to my plan- picking up, not pulling out! Plus, I thought it might be a tad bit early! But it makes me happy!!! However that would have required pulling about 900 boxes from the upstairs!  We have an enormous collection of Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving d├ęcor!! My husband told me last year, I didn’t really ever need to buy anymore! Little does he know, I have about 3 big bags full upstairs! 

OK, so back to the main point…I finally took a short break from doing all of my missions and ended up reading a friend, Megans, blog! It was about how her sweet sister had sent her a goodie bag- a REALLY awesome one, in the mail!
I thought to myself, hey now that’s not fair! I don’t have a sister!!!
& for a second, I thought how nice it would be to maybe have a sister!
THEN, I remembered those two wonderful boys I have called brothers!!!
& although they don’t send me scafts in the mail & we usually don’t talk about fashion, they do take pretty good care of me!

For example, last week-when my internet (vz access card) broke….My little brother went and got me this…

 Something better than I had before!!! J & When I called him crying about there being tooo many bugs and tooo many weeds in my yard, he promised to fill me up a jug of weed spray! When I called him b/c I thought I might have ran out of oil two weeks ago, he met me and filled it up! & He’s always been one for suprises J However, not so much designer scarfs…boys are a little different J Instead they would give me pink caterpillar car tags or pink harley hats! Ha!
Even a knife key chain!  LOL. & Last week, my dad suprised me with........

They are toooo funny :) & Although the chances of them getting me something fashionable are pretty slim, it's still nice to know they are thinking about me!! & Hooking me up in other ways! HA!
Ha-not to mention though, Andrew has taken me for a pedicure!! & He is really good about taking me to starbucks! & to lunch---his treat!! :) ha! So Blessed even if I don't have a sweet sister!
Boys can be sweet sometimes tooo....
The Endddd. BACK to the house work! 

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  1. Oh my gosh...that is SO SWEET!!! Those boys are rare!! I love it!! Ok and can I just say your Fall table is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!! WHERE did you get those pumpkins?! I love it! And don't worry...the napkin goes on the left or on the plate itself so you're perfect! :) Love love love your blog!!