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Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Boy Update:

Brice was 3 weeks old yesterday. They have began giving him milk again even though his sodium levels are still low. They started back Tuesday (I think) & now he is up to 1lb 15 oz! Almost two! (Which he may be two by today!)
He is having a little trouble with his lungs. They have had to go up on the respirator a bit. They consider it to be chronic lung disease...but the more he grows the more lung cells he will make & he will eventually grow out of it. He is getting steriods on Monday to help him out a little.
He also got another blood transfusion on Wednesday.
The doctors and nurses had told Brittany & Brandon that there would be some bad days, but overall it looks as if this is just a little bump in the road. Brice is still super tough & from what I hear really strong! :) He can push his little back up with his legs...now that's amazing!
Brittany & Brandon are doing good. Britt is feeling better for the most part & they are both really strong & at peace. They know all is in God's hands & have been so blessed.
The doctors told them that when Brice does eventually come home, they will not be allowed to have anyone over (except maybe the immediate family & by immediate I mean there parents-thats about it) & Brice will not be allowed to leave the house until about April. Well, it's not recommended that they do! & OF course they are going to follow all nec. proceedures.
SO, Just keep the three B's in your prayers! It's going to be a long road, but they are so blessed to have this precious baby boy! :)

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