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Friday, August 20, 2010


obviously i have a little freeee time on my hands, so i thought i'd just briefly do a houston house update!
hm... why is it that you move into a place and fill as if have a few more odds and ends you  need to do or add to make it feel homey and complete but then before you know it it's extremely to small. All your odds and ends are done & more odds and ends are done and more stuff is accumulated and accumulated and accumulated & before you know it....you need a bigger house! Really what that probably means is ... we need to get rid of some stuff...but i really don't want to do that b/c we will use it one day! SO for now, we are just crammed in there. Busting at the seams! I have a whole closest/sides of the bed/under the bed in a guest room full of gifts we recieved.
I have an upstairs bonus room=full of seasonal decorations, which my husbands says Im not allowed to have anymore & honestly I don't have an inch left in the house to put them...I mean I have to take down regular decor just to put them up....oh but you can already bet-I've been buying some fall stuff already :)

On another note, I cannot wait until fall. Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite, FAVORITE season! i wanted to get married in the fall=perfect....but my husband thought that getting married in football seasons was a horrible sin! He made that clear at about 2 months of dating when we had to go to a friends wedding in the fall & he had to miss a game!
However, i am thankful wedding planning and all that jazz is over!
& I am REALLY glad fall is almost here :)

I love the weather, love the decorations, love the scent fall brings & I love everything PUMPKIN ----especially pumpkin pie & the ohhh sooo amazing STARBUCKS Pumpkin Spice Latteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =) AMAZING!

oh yes & I love, love, love to go to a good ole fall festival ;) So much fun! I cannot wait :) & I really can't wait until I can drag my children around to these festivals w/ me =) SO fun!

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  1. hahahha! I love it!! I feel the exact same way...and I have rooms that are just not set up at all-it's terrible! I can't wait until fall either-it is the BEST! ps-that picture of the pumpkins is the best thing ever!! hahaha