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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brice is going on day 3......

Brice is now almost 3 days old! :) He had his first BM, which from what I understand is really awesome b/c that means his bowels are working properly.Brittany's mom said the nurse was bragging on him b/c of how well he is holding his own body temperatures! So that is great news too! Right now we are waiting on Brices' echo results.
He is having a test on his heart to see how well it's functioning...
I will post the results as soon as I know. I am just sitting by the phone waiting for that text!!
However, I can already tell our little precious miracle is already a fighter!! 
Gooooo Brice!!!! 

update: I just returned home from the hospital after visiting with Brittany & Brandon. I was SO thrilled to get to go visit them today!! It was so good to finally get to sit and talk w/ britt and hear her laugh! She is so strong! I just love them both!! Brittany's blood pressure is still a little high, but she will more than likely be able to come home tom. I hope the next few weeks she will actually try & rest & recover from her C-Section. Brice had to go up on his oxygen a little this morning, but is now at 26%. 
The Couch's also found out that if you baby weighs under 800mg(is it mg's?) insurance will pay 100%. Brice weighed 770. That is a blessing considering these bills will really add up.
Still waiting on Brice's test from earlier.
Brittany is able to pump a little & today they will be feeding him through a tube, his mommy's milk! Hopefully this will get Brice just a growing, since he has dropped a few oz's. 
His parents and grandparents and now aunt (b/c they snuck her in) have seen him, oh yeah and the preacher. Everyone says you just cannot imagine how teeeny tiny! He's 12 inches long :) 

2nd update: Brice is now a little over 3 days old :) His test results came back from his heart test that he had earlier today. They were checking a duct. The dr said it should close up on it's own, so overall the test results came back good!
This little bundle of joy is tough! 

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