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Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Brice was ONE week old YESTERDAY! :)

Happy ONE week to Baby Brice! (Yesterday) In one week he has made significant progress. He is doing really good and has gained oz's back to his original birth weight - 1lb 10oz :)
Yesterday, on his one week old birthday, he had a brain scan to check for brain bleeds. He had one but the DR is not really concerned b/c it is not even a grade one bleed and it's not inside a vessel.
Brice also opened his eyes and peeked out to see his mommy & daddy.
They caught it on video=)
His digestive system seems to be working great too!

I got to visit w/ Brittany & Brandon yesterday afternoon. We watched baby Brice's videos. He is absolutely precious! He has beautiful little hands and perfect little finger nails!!  Brittany is feeling good. She looks great! Brandon & Britt are both in really good spirits and really thankful for the miracles God has done in this one week!
It was wonderful to sit w/ the proud parents and watch little precious!
Some parts made me cry others made me life. He's just a precious little boy & I cannot wait till he is bigger and squeezable!!! He is already spoiled rotten!
God is good!!!

Today Brice was taken off his light & the up-ed his milk intake. They did however have to go up a little bit on his respirator because his lungs weren't expanding as much. He was just really when they lowered it. But that is okay because from what I understand it is very normal for it to go up & down. He's doing really well. & Hopefully the time will pass quickly, Brice will grow strong & he will be able to go home!! :) I have been sending Britt nursery ideas! It'll be neat to see what she ends up doing. 
There new home is beautiful & I know Brice's room will be too! I can't wait until it's all complete & Briceypoo can go home to it =) He already has a few outfits in his closet! Sweet boy! 

Brice-are you sure you want to go that route? A carolina fan?? Really???

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