"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have before you: Love, Forgiveness & Prayer"

Monday, August 16, 2010


Brief baby Brice update & tom I will blog about my birthday festivities! Baby Brice opened both of his little eyes on Sunday. Isn't he precious?
He is growing!! Hello World :) He is still doing really well!! 
Today is my birthday & this is what he sent me! 

He loves me already!! Isn't that precious! I love it :) Next yr he will be a wild man betime our birthday month comes around :)
Will post more later!!

Much Love from the BUSY Birthday Girl :)

Update: Brice is having some cultures taking from him today to see if they grow anything. His white blood cells are a little elevated and his sodium is low. Pray for no infection. He isn't sick-but they are just taking precaution.

ALSO, Please pray for my friend Megan. I haven't got the details yet, but she just sent me a picture of her car which looked totaled. Im hoping everything is okay.

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