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Friday, September 3, 2010

Run Run Run....

Tonight the husband and I will be participating in the annual Midnight Flight. I thought it was the last weekend in september and I would have more time to prepare---but it's tonight....so we are going to give it a go!
As I told you before, my husband, jumped on the treadmill the other day and ran so fast without any practice & then we have me, who "supposively" has been training (some!) & is still slower than a turtle.
I am a little nervous-- my poor body has felt like the body of a 90 year old all week! Plus, I have worked myself into a schedule where I get my energy in the morning now! & Jon says he gets his a night....hm running around the time of my bedtime...might be tough!!!

Jon wants us to run it together..Which is very sweet! BUT, in a since I want him to go on and do the best he can do :) Don't want his time to be longer just b/c .... I have shorter legs  I am slower :)
I am wishing my "team" was coming along.........So Gena, if you are reading, please note I will be missing my WING women Chloe...who paces herself at a great speed for me! However, Im not sure I can keep up with my 6'2, can handle all pain, super fast, athlete of a husband.

Jon & I will be signing up for another one soon! GENA (That's my aunt) - Take note....
Please pick a race where you, Chloe, Clayton & ANDREW & TYLER - will be present and participating!

I have looked up three....Chose one b/c if we sign up earlier it's cheaper - duh :)

Race for the Cure - 4th Weekend in September

Spinx Run Fest - Oct 30th 8:00 Greenville Drive

Turkey Trot - for luekemia - 11-7 Sunday 3:00

I need for Gena & Andrew(brother) to jump on board :) & Hopefully we can get Dell & Walt (my parents) to not only be our cheerleaders BUT be our SPONSORS!!! =) YEAH!
I need me whole TEAM =) I mean SHEESH, Im willing to get team T's!
& To my little inspiration child, Chloe, I will be missing you tonight!!! =)

On another note,
 TOMMOROW is CLEMSON FOOOTBALL :) I am ALREADY decked out in my TIGER gear!!! & Singing the song in my head :) GOOOO TIGERS!!!! As I blare TIGER RAG in my office!!!!

YEP Rockin' the ORANGE SHOES =)

Happy weekend....Hopefully HAPPY running & HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASONS GO TIGERS!!!

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  1. Oh so fun!! But you should be asking for me to come along...I'm slow as Christmas and have the endurance of a 4 week old baby...you'd feel much better about yourself! :) Take pictures and let us know how it goes!!
    ps-I'm going to Pier 1 to find those pumpkins this weekend!!