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Friday, August 20, 2010

Continue to pray for Brittany & Brice

Okay here's a little update about the two...
Tuesday Brice was not feeling well so they took cultures from him (Im pretty sure it was tuesday or Monday) to see if he had anything growing. (I may have already touched on this)
They started him on antibiotics and gave him some blood, since he is not old enough to create blood on his own just yet...
Well, the good news is the cultures came back normal & baby Brice is seeming to be better. However as of yesterday his sodium was still a little low, which made him go down on his fluids....SO hopefully he can get that regulated soon.
However, I called my poor bestfriend yesterday to touch base & she sounded like death!
Poor Britt, as if she didn't feel horrible throughout her whole pregnancy, then have to go through over a week of hospitilizations, an early delivery/c-section (which they opened her poor incision up in one tiny spot to check it) now she has Mastisis.
I feel so bad for her! She sounded horrible & she said it basically feels like having the flu & strep all in one! She said her whole body just hurts horribly. That's just wild that a boob infection can take over your whole body. But I have heard from others that it's awful if you get it! Ahhhh taht makes me nervous!!
SO, just keep her in your thoughts & prayers! Overall we are so blessed to have little Briceypoo doing good :) He was two weeks old on thursday!!!
Can't wait until she feels completely better.... awww but to make it even worse she was supposed to start Kangaroo care that night & then she got sick so she didn't get tooO :(:(
& She can't go see her baby boy for a few days!
BUT, God is in control & he has a reason and a plan for everything. =) So we're hoping for a speedy recovery for my little mama friend :)

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