"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have before you: Love, Forgiveness & Prayer"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Building OUR House!!!

Well, I wish I had tons of pictures to show...but I don't! We got our building permit on Friday - which I was THRILLED about! :) & All weekend we began picking out our floor plan.
Being a builders wife- we have to pick out something that we like, but also something that will sell in two years or so! :) (Until we eventually settle down on some land!)
However, we seemed to find the PERFECT house! It's kind of bad b/c we obviously will sell it in probably two years or so but I am SO in LOVE w/ it!
We had a few changes to make & my husband made the floor plan so awesome!! :)
He has really done a great job! I almost feel like I need to NOT like something about it that way when we sell it i'll be glad. ha!
It's beautiful :) & I am so excited. This will definitely keep me busy for a few months!
Since Jon is a builder, we are probably going to leave it for sale for a month or so when it is finished. If it sales it will be good in a since- but I will probably be a little sad b/c I LOVE it!
Im already planning my fall porch for next year, my christmas display in the dining room etc. Yes, Im nuts! :)
Any time I mention anything about the house my dad says "Girl, that boy knows what he's doing" & yes he definitely does!!! BUT, I think my dad thinks Im going to drive Jon slap crazy! bahaha!
-i havent...yet! :)
I'll post pictures along the way!! Just thought I'd share what we'd been up to the last few days!!!

Big Boy Brice Update!!!

I haven't done any Brice updates lately- things have been kind of crazy around here but our little miracle is still doing GREAT :)
In the last week his weight gain has just been incredible, he just keeps putting on the pounds!! Last night he was up to 3lbs 5oz!!! He will be 8 weeks old tom & is just doing really well :)
He is still on oxygen & c-pap. Once he gets off the C-pap & feeds from a bottle really good for I think a week, he will be able to go home...So hopefully that'll be sometime in our near future!! =)
He can go home on oxygen, just not c-pap & of course they have to make sure he's eating good, so we still have a little while, but the way things are going - it's looking good.

Brice is now starting to wear little teeny preemie clothes. The nurses encouraged Britt to get him a Halloween costume. Of course, she had to get a doll or stuffed animal sized costume, so she went to build a bear and got our sweet baby a pumpkin costume! He's going to be the cutest pumpkin ever!!
However, at the rate he is growing he may be too big for it! But that would be a good thing too!

Coming from a musical family- Brice LOVES to hear his daddy sing to him! Brittany says he gets to wiggling his little feet & it's just precious!!!
Everything is going good. He has a wonderful nurse Shelby & two wonderful parents!
He is an everyday reminder of just how good God is!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Fall Cheer ;)

Well, I created a blog the other day, but I didn't have time to finish it --so until I find where it's saved (if it even really saved) I can't post it :)
I'll be blogging about our charleston trip soon - whenever I put up the pictures - yes Im slack!
Until Until then...Just thought I'd send a little wednesday - FIRST DAY OF FALL (WOHOOO) Cheer!!!

I am definitely SO excited my favorite season has arrived....However, this SC hot weather still is NOT going to cut it :)
I am ready for boots, scarfs, pumpkins, festivals & more!
ONE way to bring some fall cheer is to get the Pumpkin Spice hand soap at Bath & Body. It's AMAZING. Even my little brother LOVED it so much he wouldn't let my mom give the extras away.

Well - I said I was going to bring cheer ha! SO since I can't make it cooler outside or your work day go by any faster thought i'd just share this really quick---
I think we all spend some time - maybe not a lot- but occasionally- I think we all think of how are life would be better if :
We lived in a certain place, had a little bit more money, lost a few more pounds, whatever it maybe etc....
To often, I think we find ourselves (im guilty too) wishing things were different instead of being greatful for what we have!

There is no such thing as perfect & even the people we sometimes look at & think "Wow there life is perfect", then later you find out something & think WOW Im glad to be in my shoes! :)
(No, I don't spend all day wishing I was someone else or had all these things) BUT, I do know at some point something has crossed all of our minds.

In a nut shell-- if you have a great family, food on the table, shelter, health & MOST Importantly JESUS Christ as your LORD than YOU are BLESSED!
I read a story this week about a little girl in hospice - the story got me thinking about well 1-how blessed we truly are and always seem to forget it & 2- how hospice really concentrates on the QUALITY of LIFE.

Why do we not concentrate more on OUR quality or LIFE? We are not promised tommorow.
Just food for thought!! I also heard on the radio of the 116 (I think) yr old man who gave some encouragement speech (sometime in the last few days). He's the oldest man! :) Im going to listen to it later!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hump Day.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Let's see few things...

Weekend Recap: We had a wonderful weekend... Friday we met some friends (Jon & Caroline) & went to the my hubbys hs football teams BIG GamE!
We first met at my FAVORITE pizza place - MIchaels in Easley and ate then headed to watch the GREENWAVE play :) There I ran into my friend Amanda (above) whose bf graduated pickens - the big rival- & got to enjoy catching up with her the WHOLE game! So fun! We even supported our men w/ there teams t's :) 
Saturday I spent it shopping w/ mom & enjoying the rents for a bit.
Sunday- Jon & I went to church w/ my family & to lunch. Then road around all day searching for open houses. & To top it off - we went & ate mexican! Used to be our fav but now I wont let us go: )HA! Yep- I splurged :)
Great weekend!!! :)

We also found out some great news - it's not set in stone - nothing ever is - but it looks like we will be moving back to Jon's home town & building!!! I am SO excited about it!! We have really missed living closer to everyone, so it will be SO wonderful to be closer to our family & friends!!
SO nice! It's been pretty good living where we live now, ust not as FUN packed/friend packed - up until probably last week did I really realize how hectic it was just to meet up w/ friends on week nights etc & I was kind of getting a little fed up & ready to be back (However, I didn't say anything to Jon or anyone!) - & God has just seemed to work things otu to open that door!
SO Exciting! I probably should not announce such news on a blog - but it's just a few of you who read it :) SO not a big deal!

God is just working away!

& to update Brice : he is doing wonderful. He is 2lbs 8oz & absolutely the cutest thing I ever seen! God has been so amazing in taking care of our sweet little boy!!!

Also, we are going to stay in Charleston this weekend with my parents at there condo :) I am SO Excited! Need a little vacay!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a BUGS world. Im just living in it!

I was very excited about getting car detailed today.
However, when I picked it up, they didn't do as well as normal!
Oh well- I headed home, still happy to be in a clean car. 
I arrived home & put my key (I had taken it off the key ring for the detailer) back on the ring, then placed it in my pocketbook and in the passenger seat so I could walk around the car & empty out my stuff on that side-however SOMEHOW when I shut the door I locked my keys in my car!
SO-I am still locked out of my car w/ no spare key. Luckily- I locked myself out at home! HOWEVER, I am still waiting for my brother to bring me a key & all the material I need to be going over for tom is in the car!!! Along with my pocketbook! 

I decided since I couldn't look over my important material -which I really should be doing- that I would continue to be productive...(however I really wanted to just plop down & watch tv) I worked out a bit & then decided I'd go spray the weeds! 
Sprayed the weeds some but the sprayer was having some issues, so I decided to clean up a little in the back yard. I had some bags of potting soil laying up against the house that I hadn't done away with yet... I picked up the first one & threw it in the big trash can, as I went to move the second one, I noticed......
a BIG BLACK SHINY SPIDER! (Probably the size of a silver dollar) OK, so as if he wasn't bad enough---underneath her (I guess I should say) was 4 .. YES  4 gumball SIZED EGGS/SACKS!

Yeah, Im not kidding! I thought to myself - stay calm, stay calm! I then called my husband explaining to him how he has NEVER seen anything like this!!! 
However, getting really annoyed when he told me that I should just hit them.......
OKAY--ABOUT THAT- I have actually tried that before-one time I hit a huge spider with a sledge hammer & guess what happeened-----------------babies, babies, babies, babies! LOTS Of BABIES!
Wait- have I mentioned that the SHINY black SPIDER was a BLACK WIDOW! MEANING: The 4 sacks consist of BABY BLACK WIDOWS!

OF COURSE I AM NOT going to BUST those SACKS!!!!! & HAVE little BABIES running around....I am NOT going to welcome 500,000 baby black widows into my pea size backyard for them to play around on my dogs and sneak there little way into my house! No sireee!

I then called my dad who said the same thing: Kill em! 

GUYS ARE you CRAZY? By me trying to kill them it's almost like waking a sleeping dragon!!! Not going to do it!

SO What was my solution????

1. Panic Attack
2. Breath & Recover from the attack!
3. Go Inside & NEVER go back out! however, quickly going back outside before tooo dark to get a few snap shots!
4. Wait until tom...LUCKILY the extirminator is coming tom! SO I am PRAYING the babies do not hatch until then & he can safely remove all black widow and black widow babies & by safely I MEAN KILL THEM! 

it's weird how living in a "patio" home can make you feel like you live in the jungle sometimes.

A few pictures-however it was getting dark & this totally has no comparision on the REAL DEAL.
Need less to say my little Baileyboo will NOT be going in the backyard ANY time soon!
ugh-so much for me trying to help out!

OK, so you cant even see the BIG MAMA WIDOW as she was hiding from the camera & YOU can ONLY see three of the HUGE sacks! 
Ugh-be thankful you can't get the real effect-otherwise you might not sleep! CREEPY.

Just a few Run Pictures....

As you know, we did our MIDNIGHT FLIGHT Run Friday Night!! Jon & I ended up staying together throughout the run...however he probably could have gone faster.
Knowing what goes on during exercise (I mean I am in exercise physiology) I had planned for myself to take off prettty slow & stay at a steady pace until the end.
HOWEVER, something sort of made me just take off. I didn't bolt out of there, but I probably should have started at a slower pace-more my speed.
anywho i almost died we had a great time! :)
I've signed us up for Race for the Cure @ The end of this month--which we have to raise money for - so ANY donations are greatly appreciated....
Im probably going to do the Spinx race --with my team mates ;)
I am also signed up for the Turkey Trot in November & The Turkey Day Race.
& SOmetime in October the whole family will be walking in the alzihiemers walk--for my sweet uncle!
However the Turkey Race is a 8k & it's actually Thanksgiving Morning! SO I must get busy b/c as of now-i am NOT prepared. GO ME!
ANYways- a few pictures of us from Friday.....................

Do we really have to go? It's getting closer to my bedtime.

Team Gear-CHECK

Tracking Chip
This guy is READY


Friday, September 3, 2010

Killing TIme......

UGH. I am just killing time waiting on the race! I Don't even know what to do!
I keep having spurts of adrenaline but then I realize it's not quite time and I get tired!! LOL I'll probably return to a tired state betime it starts ha! Lets do this already!!! :)

God is GOOOD!

Today Brice Christopher Couch is 4wks 1 day old. He is better from his little infection & recieved a treatment of steriods in his lungs yesterday! Brittany just texted me to inform me that BRICE IS COMING OFF HIS RESPIRATOR TODAY!!!!! I AM SO Happy!!!!!!!
That is just amazing & God is oh SO good :)
Today, Brittany & Brandon will get to see his little face without anything on it! Oh he's going to look PRECIOUS! However, he does have to get back on a machine-cpap-but it's the last step so that is great !
& Also exciting, Brittany's little brother got to meet baby Brice (Technically it's only the childs parents & grandparents allowed in NiCu) Tyler (Britt's brother) told me it was the most amazing expierence!


Run Run Run....

Tonight the husband and I will be participating in the annual Midnight Flight. I thought it was the last weekend in september and I would have more time to prepare---but it's tonight....so we are going to give it a go!
As I told you before, my husband, jumped on the treadmill the other day and ran so fast without any practice & then we have me, who "supposively" has been training (some!) & is still slower than a turtle.
I am a little nervous-- my poor body has felt like the body of a 90 year old all week! Plus, I have worked myself into a schedule where I get my energy in the morning now! & Jon says he gets his a night....hm running around the time of my bedtime...might be tough!!!

Jon wants us to run it together..Which is very sweet! BUT, in a since I want him to go on and do the best he can do :) Don't want his time to be longer just b/c .... I have shorter legs  I am slower :)
I am wishing my "team" was coming along.........So Gena, if you are reading, please note I will be missing my WING women Chloe...who paces herself at a great speed for me! However, Im not sure I can keep up with my 6'2, can handle all pain, super fast, athlete of a husband.

Jon & I will be signing up for another one soon! GENA (That's my aunt) - Take note....
Please pick a race where you, Chloe, Clayton & ANDREW & TYLER - will be present and participating!

I have looked up three....Chose one b/c if we sign up earlier it's cheaper - duh :)

Race for the Cure - 4th Weekend in September

Spinx Run Fest - Oct 30th 8:00 Greenville Drive

Turkey Trot - for luekemia - 11-7 Sunday 3:00

I need for Gena & Andrew(brother) to jump on board :) & Hopefully we can get Dell & Walt (my parents) to not only be our cheerleaders BUT be our SPONSORS!!! =) YEAH!
I need me whole TEAM =) I mean SHEESH, Im willing to get team T's!
& To my little inspiration child, Chloe, I will be missing you tonight!!! =)

On another note,
 TOMMOROW is CLEMSON FOOOTBALL :) I am ALREADY decked out in my TIGER gear!!! & Singing the song in my head :) GOOOO TIGERS!!!! As I blare TIGER RAG in my office!!!!

YEP Rockin' the ORANGE SHOES =)

Happy weekend....Hopefully HAPPY running & HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASONS GO TIGERS!!!