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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Workin' on my fitness :)

Well...When I got ready to leave out this morning, I got in my car & noticed... one of my birthday presents from my husband had came in & he hadn't even told me, but instead put them in my car :) I was super excited. If your wondering what it is, it's the weather tech floor mats...Yes, I know, doesn't sound too exciting for most of you girls, but I LOVE them! SO practical & SO needed :) I was VERY excited. Honestly there awesome!

Well I will finally come out & tell you all, if you didn't know, I am taking a few classes at our local technical college in personal training... (Still working though!) & If your thinking not much goes into that...YOUR WRONG! :)
Anyways if you know me well enough you know I LOVE resistance training! It's my TOP favorite. I can get a little slack sometimes with cardio & esp stretching (Im trying to do better...OPTIMAL health!) BUT, Resistance training is my strong point! LOVE it! :) & It's oh so beneficial for those of you who do not do it!  BUT, Cardio is just as important! However, I am telling you this, honestly-b/c I had to brag! ha!!! Today in one of my classes we had to do ONE rep max (I really shouldn't be silly enough to share this but..) anyways guess which girl had the strongest legs in the class??? YEP. Your right! ME! LOL. It wasn't a competition & honestly I wasn't trying to compete against anyone else...no one was. But it did make me feel good to know that :) I told you I was being silly.

On another note, I must say I LOVE my treadmill. Oh it's just the best gift I could have gotten! SO, I have been really trying hard to get my cardio in & this week Im doing pretty good :) I've also started back running. Not too far & not too fast-but it's a start. Running has never been my strong point, but Im learning in some ways to enjoy it. it's a weird since of enjoyment! ha! BUT it is nice when everyday it just gets a little easier.
I've also learned that even if I get home at 6 and am worn out w/ a headache if I MAKE myself I feel better.
I have to make slow progression though-my knees are still trying to get in shape! HA! Last time I ended up getting a little injured which led my fast progression to a STOP. This time I will go slow and progress, just a little slower.
That being said... Last night my husband comes home, who is almost 31, hasn't really worked out in years-although growing up was a talented athlete & honestly still is, played basketball for FMU (Blah blah blah-you get it! He's an athlete!) BUT like I said he hasn't hit the weights in quite a while and besides church basketball in winter doesn't get too much cardio in....(PS-luckily he has a VERY active job! wish I did!)
He jumped on the treadmill, no warm up and ran a 7min mile!  Sure that's great if you run all the time, but to have not ran in forever!!! he really showed me out =) However, SO jealous!!! UGH I guess he just got awesome genes! ha! =)
We are signing up for the Midnight run soon! SO that should be fun! & have us both just a running. However, he may be the speed and I may be the endurance! ha!
We shall see ;)
okay, enough non sense!

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  1. Oh man...Can I hire you?!! I need a personal trainer asap! I have the least endurance of anyone ever, and I need help! That is so awesome though...Keep up the hard work, it is obviously paying off!!