"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have before you: Love, Forgiveness & Prayer"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Our House~

We are still building a house.....yet it is still unknown as to if we will live in it, or sell it.
We went through a period of not working on it & really just started back at it a week or so ago. Jon got busy with work & of course, it seemed as if any free time he had then there was bad weather... Winter is tough on construction! However, here it is sooo far...this is just the basement....the wonderful basement that has plenty of room for storage (which we soo desperately need) & a HUGE extra 2+ car garage....Yes, you can tell, my heart really wants to live here :) Ha! But we will see :) it'd be nice to make a little bit if we could :) SO it's up to God and where he wants us :) However, here it is so far....nothing much but...

Brice is getting big!

This little guy is now weighing about 10 lbs! He is smiling :) He is so alert :) Very fun to play with & of course, cute as pie! He has done great. As of Friday, Brice was able to come off his oxygen & his apnea machine! He is now cord free! Which will make life so much easier on his mama! :) I got to hang out with him thursday before he got his machines off :) He's still doing great. Such a blessing! If he was born on time, he would now be almost 2 months! However, he is actually 5 1/2 months!
This picture is a few days before he came off oxygen :) Still cute as EVER :)


Hola!! :) Just thought I'd do a brief update since I never blog!! :) Well, last week we got extremely spoiled by the snow!! Some people say that they got cabin fever, but not me!! I loved every minute of it :) Jon & I had a blast just being lazy :) However, we weren't completely lazy. Jon got a snow plowing job!!!! OKay, so this meant that Jon & I loaded up to drive about a 30 minutes distance, but ended up taking us about an hour and a half.
Passing other people who had gotten stuck, like this....

& others who were being super festive, like this....

After finally reaching our destination and getting everything ready to go to the job (that's another story in itself), which took about an hour! We had to change buckets, then he couldn't get the machine on the trailor b/c of ice...FINALLY, he did! We were ready to go! UNTIL..
 Not only did Jon realize he didn't have enough gas in the dump truck to haul the equiptment, he also got the dump truck stuck....SO what did he do?????
You guessed it :) Jon drove the loader all the way to CVS, where he was supposed to be plowing. He wouldn't let me follow him b/c the route he was taking was supposively tooo slick and dangerous for me...BUt he took it?? He told me it would take him 20minutes to get there from where we were....I went to his parents for a bit, then headed overthere, extremely nervous to be driving. An hour later, I arrived at CVS to see how far Jon had gotten....but there was no jon! & there was still ice...........my heart sank! I immediately thought worst case scenario!  BUT just then I looked up, & Here he came, down the road. Slowly but surely :) No hat, nothing! I know he was freeezing!
Jon did the job & everything turned out fine...Personally though, I think it was tooo much work to do it :) Especially since everything seemed to go wrong!
However, we enjoyed our week! We got about 7inches of snow!
Dixie LOVED the snow...however, this year it was tooo high for Bailey to play!
Which basically makes me think this week is going to be tough! :) I got  a little spoiled with sleeping in, waking up late, days off & relaxing allll day! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Review Numero Dos! :)

If it weren't for my mother...I would have never considered buying this product....

My mom shared w/ me that she had been using the "AS SEEN ON TV-Heel Tastic" & it worked great.
I didn't fully believe that it would work as well as she said, but I decided that if I ran across it I'd pick one up!
Well sure enough! I found one at CVS! & Let me tell you, it works great!!! :) Super easy to use! Just rub on and go to sleep. I would highly recommend it & it's only $10.00! 
It was SO good, I considered posting it on FB, since I don't have many readers on the blog! :) However, another part of me said  not to :) I felt like it might be screaming to the world "Hello, I have crusty   I can't even say that word (*Gag*) (& trust me there not the C word)...Okay, basically like saying "HELLO, My heels aren't perfect in the winter" :) 
I think that's a better way to sum it up. You get the gist :) 
Maybe product reviewing can be my new job! :) LOL

They sale them at drug stores & Bath & Body Works! :) Try it!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Product Review!!

I always LOVE when you fellow bloggers give a product review or fill me in on a great beauty product or any type of product you find! SO, I thought I would share my NEW find!! (Didn't think I'd be blogging about shampoo) 
I asked a dear friend which shampoo made her hair the cleanest & she told me this...

I am SO thankful I decided to try it!! :) It's AAAMAZING!!! It's not cheap, but it's worth it! it makes washing your hair actually enjoyable!! (For me, it's usually just a dreaded chore)
& leaves your hair feeling SUPER duper clean! :) Like no other!! :) 

I also ordered the Korres lip butter that a friend recommended so I will let you know if I liked it as much as she did :) Keep the reviews! Always nice to find a product that you fall in love with...this shampooo is definitely one! :