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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Funday..........

It's Monday FUNDAY :) Yeah, that's not exactly how I reallly feel but whatever!
Pretty good weekend....Nothing too exciting!
Friday I just relaxed & read while the husband worked late...

Saturday we went out for sushi & to a few stores (which you would have thought that our 5-10min stop to 4 stores would have literally KILLED  jon!) i LOVE sushi! Esp Sashimi!!
Sunday the highlight was Switch!! & Army Wives finale! Really thought Switch was cute! that kid was toooo funny :)
TV: Army Wives was amazing! Very sad that I'll have to basically wait another nine or so months before it's back on!
Thats about the only show I can really keep up with and keep up with the season. I never know what to watch or when ti comes on....Just a few shows that I do actually sit down to watch...
Army Wives & Modern Family & of course Jillians show when it's on! those are 3 great ones!
Occasionally I'll catch Grey's or Desperate when there on, but I don't always keep up with the whole season.

Food: As far as favorite food right now sockeye salmon (which is absolutely amazing!) is going out of season so Im having to find another fav which might just be rainbow trout! I have really enjoyed that the last 2 times I got it ;)
Another awesome but healthy snack is the Blue Diamond Brand Habanero BBQ Almonds! Sooo Good :)

Just got my j-crew magazine -so excited about fall & the clothes it brings!! :) & EVERYTHING it brings really!! however, not sure how I feel about these....
Okay, honestly I do like them, but I would have no where to wear them! & There $650.00. LOL Plus in the magazine they look kind of ridiculous on the girl. Just my opinion......................

& lastly, Brittany & Brice update: Brittany is feeling a bit better  & Brices' sodium levels are getting better...Still not fully normal yet though! Brittany gets to hold him today for the first time ever! She just sent me a picture! I cannot wait to hear all about it! I am SOO excited she finally gets to hold her precious baby boy!!

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  1. Oh my gosh...I saw those pants and thought the same thing!! It would take one braaaaave person! hahaha So excited to start busting out the fall stuff though :)