"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have before you: Love, Forgiveness & Prayer"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Brice's First Halloween

Brice is now about 2.5 months old. He is growing so fast up to 5lb 4oz as of yesterday! He is still a little miracle! He started bottle feeding this week! & is doing great on it! :) He picked up on it immediately :)
He is so smart!! & Cute! ha!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Random Wednesday Thoughts........

I really debated posting this. Since you may not realize a lot of it is kidding. even though to a degree it's serious, but no, I'm not going crazy ;) Most was exaggggerated -duh its what we do ;)

Men v. Women.............
as i sit here at my desk, recieving an email that just "rubbed" me the wrong way..... No, it probably wasn't meant to come off the way it did & HONESTLY, it really wasn't that big of a deal, but it just kind of bugged me .... putting me into a little "funk".... Or really...one of these moods: the type of mood when you know that you are going crazy, your not thinking logically, you know its just some sort of crazy women hormone kicking in and making you a complete idiot ... & EVEN though you KNOW your taking it WRONG or making a BIGGER deal that what it is, or BEING OVER sensitive & YOU know it's just your HORMONES, it doesn't help! Just b/c I know what it is doesn't make it better!
ugh, women! I must admit, we have it tough!!
first off, we have crazy wild hormones naturally, then at some point in our life, we get put on a pill that pumps even more crazy hormones into us!!!
Making us occasionally cry when probably not needed or occasionally take things the wrong way :) No, Im not a flippin' basket case, but Im just saying occasionally these things get the best of us!

The thing is...even though MEN can NEVER understand WOMEN-why are they not smart enough to pretend? =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesdays Rando's

There are plenty of MORE important things I should be blogging out - I have still not updated on a few things & that is simply b/c I sat down one day uploading pictures and updating everyone & 3x's in a row, i lost my blog!
SO, this one is going to be unimportant & have no pictures :) Will update more later gater.........
Wednesdays Random thoughts.....

1. People who do not know what there talking about = irritate me!
2. I've heard a lot of people lately saying they skip meals or only eat once a day - HELLO PEOPLE - do you not realize that ONLY SLOWS down your metabolism???
3. If I had tivo (or whatever it's called) I would definitely record The Doctors show!!!
4. People who say they don't eat carbs while eating a pack of Tom's Crackers really BOTHER ME - Uhummmm - MY BROTHER did that today! Genius!
5. Brice is now 4 lbs 5 oz &  we are having his shower this weekend!! Wohoo!
6. My husband is taking up hunting ...todays his first hunt...this should be good!!
7. This week needs to SPPPEEEED up!
8. Im already pumped about thanksgiving food =)
9. Everyone is my office is jealous of my cuisinart panini maker aka griddler jr :)
Funny enough - I just realized I had it- it was in the closet along w/ 50,000,000 other things! & now that it's out, I LOVE it!!! One guy already ordered him one - ah what can I say...trend setter? just kidding!!
10. My new obsession = zip fizz :) Thanks Shelly!
11. My life would be a HECK of a lot easier if .... I had a fridge in my car - not playin!