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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Britt got to change his diaper!

Today brice is five days old!!! He actually opened his eyes!! :) Britt's mom just texted me and said Brittany got to change his diaper-which is awesome since she can't hold him yet. I am so excited for her! Brice just amazes me every single day! He's amazing!!
Tomorrow he has an ultra sound on his brain so please keep him in your prayers! Pray his results come back normal and he continues to grow, grow, grow!
I haven't gotten to talk to Brittany much today, but I am hoping she has gotten lots of rest and continues to do so!

I also found out that Brandon got to pick Brice up in his incubator while they changed his little sheets and stuff! How exciting! God is SO good. Brittany & Brandon are being so strong and and just feel so blessed to have little Brice & see him breathe and be able to touch him. He is truly a little trooper!!! 
They now have a video camera so it's going to be so neat watching little sweet boy in his videos!!! 
& we also found out that Brice's primary nurse during daytime hours, is a good friend of ours mom! So that is great! She is really sweet & from what I understand an awesome nurse so it's good to know he's in wonderful, loving hands!!! 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I've just been getting all caught up with little Brice on your blog! What a blessing! Sooo cute and tiny! Many best wishes for the mom and dad!