"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have before you: Love, Forgiveness & Prayer"

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OhOhOhOh...This is only for the BORED at heart ;)

well, for all of you reading this don't say I didn't warn you-i told you I wouldn't have anything extremely interesting to blog about!! Ha!
My highlights of the day were 1. Getting my new protein shake mix (Pro 5) YUMMY! & 2. Just now going to the grocery store! lol
I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work just to pick up a FEW things! I haven't been letting myself go too often lately since all I do is BUY & buy & then come home and eat all my yummy organic snacks & the calories & the $ just adds up. Anyways I had to get a few things.
I decided to park "heart healthy" since I probably wasnt going to do any cardio today. (did weights this morning & trying to let my body rest a little -- bahahaha! I can talk myself out of cardio SO easily!)
I decided to change into my walking shoes (you know-optimal health!) SO, I went into the grocery store wearing "Classic" Capris & Dorky running shoes! Is this really who I am now? A HUGE dork!
(By classic I mean an outfit that maybe slightly old, but still works!)   (Side note-by old, I mean Limited...& If your from G'ville, you know the limited hasn't been here since oh lets say high school-yes there from high school!)
Anywhoooo- While I was in Publix there were several mom's in there just being SO incredibly ill and harsh on there kids! Whoa! Honestly, that's what made me want to write the blog. Do people not realize they are embarrassing themselves? Im all for correcting your children, but gosh you don't have to treat them like dogs in the middle of the store. OR PERIOD. I swear being around unpleasant mom's can absolutely RUIN your trip-ANYWHERE. Just listening to them be SO hateful & gripe. UGH-so redneck!!! PUBLIX-where shopping can be a pleasure-depending on whose moms in there!
I PRAY I am not like that! I can't imagine. The Lord would have to bless me w/ some PRETTYdarn *BAD* kids before I'd act like that.
Ladies, keep it classy while shopping or call a sitter ;) Ha!
On another note- I checked out-purchasing what I thought was a "few" things, barely anything, but Publix obviously found it to be worth $73.00!! Grocery shopping is pricey! That was actually cheap - but considering I just got A FEW THINGS! =)

Now about my "classic outfits".....This part goes out to my MOTHER.
I decided to leave some CLASSIC outfits at my parents house when going to college. Partially b/c they didn't fit anymore - they were too big- however SINCE there were a few "Classic" items in there, I wanted to keep them, just incase I ever got bigger, ya know post baby!
Well, obviously my mom just didnt have ENOUGH room in there house & GAVE all of them away! & Im serious, a bunch were classics! LOL & There's been a few times where I might could have worn them (YoYoYo). Blah Blah Blah! That just erks me!

Some good news - I don't know if I told ya'll but Brittany & Brandon are having a little boy - I thnk I did! BUT, they are also moving a little bit closer to me! I will pass there exit everyday on my way home & chances are when they move in, they will get sick of me :) I Am SO pumped!! Especially when my little heart, baby Brice, gets here!!!

Well - I sure do hope everyone is having a HAPPY HUMP day!! Whoop Whoop!
I'm going to go handi vac underneath my cabinets for FUN! lol  (Yes, everyone desperately NEEDS a handi vac) Do some house hold chores & then relax with my health magazine (probably a waste of $5.00 since I think I've read every article that could ever be created)

LOVE Ya'll ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just another day + Date Night ;)

Well, well nothing too exciting going on, but thought i'd write for a minute before I go soak in the bath & watch Unusual Suspects on the ID channel - love that channel :)
I had a wonderful day yesterday at the lake w/ Jon & My baby brother!!
Then a great dinner celebrating Michael's birthday at Kanpai with the Houstons! Oh yes, I actually splurged & bought there yummy yellow salad dressing! Love it! - No it's NOT ginger!
Today was good b/c I got to "work" with my brother, Andrew. We have such a good time together.
Then, Jon & I had a date night. We were celebrating his accomplishment of recently finishing a custom home for an old high school buddy! The house looks great! SO, I was going to surprise him & take him to Saskatoons since he absolutely loves the Kangaroo-however when I called, I found out that was not on special, so we ended up going to the Peddler! So good ;)
Then we rode around looking at houses, since he is about to start another one! This will be exciting!! I must say, he is extremely talented ;)
To be a Monday it was a pretty GREAT day!
& We came home to a super clean house...which is ALWAYS a plus!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


On my lazy Saturday I have discovered this video & it is HILARIOUS :) Well worth the time to upload :) So funny! The Swagger Wagon song is probably the funniest one! BUT, there's plenty more of the Sienna family! Just ToooOoooo Funny! These are GREAT!


On my lazy Saturday I have discovered this video & it is HILARIOUS :) Well worth the time to upload :) So funny!

My first 5K!

Today I ran my first 5k! I didnt really plan to run, I was just going to go walk it for the cause :)
I haven't really ran since the few short weeks I was "becoming a runner" than injured a knee, so need less to say, I didn't get too far on my journey! (Little discouraging)
My cousins, Chloe & Clayton - who were blessed with a lot better genetics! ha! - ran it also :)
Suprisingly, I actually ran most of it... With an avg of about a 10.5 min mile... Not super speedy but it's do able :) We had a lot of fun doing it & I was suprised I actually ran most of it-especially since I was not feeling too super well & I have NEVER been to great at running!
SO, Hopefully I will be doing another with the kids again & can up that time!
It'd help if someone would give me an early bday present, a treadmill!!!!
I have one right now, but I kind of think that is the reason for my injury. The 1902 model treadmill isn't level & it messes up my knee.
I am pretty sure my aunt & uncle are going to run in the next one! So thats exciting! We will have a whole TEAM!
Hopefully I can talk Andrew into getting motivated & running some with me!
I LOVE to watch Loosing it with Jillian. I think that show is just SO awesome! & So amazing how changing certain habits, loosing weight & becoming more active changes and affects so many aspects of there life. It always seems the reason people aren't doing certain things is b/c they think they can't! They always think that they cannot do it & until they realize they can, they can't!!! I think a lot of us have that problem & that is the reason we don't do it (Whatever "it" may be!) BUT, when you realize you can and you do... It is a great feeling!! :) Whew-Im such a motivator! I can talk the talk, alright! :) ha! Might need to step up the walk! A lady the other day told me I motivated her to start running again...I was excited for her! That's great! (However, I thought in my head- hmm im not really even running anymore!-cant even motivate myself here!) Okay, Okay! Those are just my rambling thoughts!!!!

On another note- as I sat here & blogged about running &drank my protein shake-here's what my boys were up to ...

oh yeah & dont worry they both were snooring! (You can barely see Bailey)

Happy Saturday!!! :)

& On an ending note - two quotes from my favorite book....
1. "Never overestimate the power to change others. Never underestimate the power to change yourself"
2. "Judge your success, by the degree of which you are enjoying Health, Love & Happiness :)" 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dairy Freeee...

Well, about a month or two ago I decided to try & go Dairy Free... Honestly, I didn't find it too hard...Especially since they have SO many substitutes these days! You can almost do it w/o even trying!
My allergies improved- however I didn't realize it until I became worried about my calcium intake & started drinking Milk again... Sure enough my allergies were back!! So, I just decided to cut out dairy for the most part. I mean there are SO many debates in the nutrition area these days. it's almost hard to say whats wrong or right!
Some people are saying NO dairy b/c it's made for calfs & we dont need the same things that a baby calf needs to grow... Etc...I have read lots about it being linked to other issues also-if these studies are true, it is kind of un real the problems dairy can cause. One study said cases of Rhuematoid arthritis were improved by cutting out dairy.
I didn't go to the extreme with it, I don't sit & read every label looking for Milk - however almost EVERYTHING has milk (even baked lays?!) in the ingredients! I have just mainly cut out milk (as a drink), cheese etc.
I did slip up the other night & have ice cream - one of my favorite things! I had no idea I would pay for it!! Sure enough- My throat started hurting and my allergies acted up again!! Unreal! & Of course my stomach wasn't thrilled either!
SO, my body has just basically decided we are good with out it :)
I enjoy drinking almond milk & coconut milk. My multivitamin has plenty of calcium & I get it from other fooods :)
Ha! This doesnt mean I'll NEVER have a slice of pizza EVER again! Im not going to the extreme - b/c I simply don't have too! (its not life or death)(& Cheese doesnt make me feel as bad as milk) BUT, since I have figured out I feel better with out it I wont be drinking it or having a bowl of dairy ice cream! Luckily they do have a ton of things now that are dairy free & just as wonderful =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I decided to take a day off today & do something I enjoy! I considered it a "Mental Health Day" :) Ha!
I figured why not lay out by the pool some and soak up some much needed fun & celebrate summer! (Since now a days we don't get one!) The plan was to go to my parents and lay out for a few hours, then run some errands - I have a list full & then tackle some projects at home- which I have an even bigger list of....However, that didn't happen.
I slept in until 8:30-hey compared to 5 am that's considered some goood sleep! Piddle around the house, enjoyed a good cup of coffee & then through on my bathing suit and headed to my parents! Floating around the pool all day with the little waterfall thing running - ah SO relaxing! Didnt realize I even liked the pool that much!!!
Had a great day laying out & talking with mom. I ended up not accomplishing ONE thing! I stayed til 8 not getting any of my "to do's" done! Dad came home & I ended up watching him swim- he's so precious!!!
BUT still had the *BEST* day! :) Not a care in the world!! SOOO, in a nutshell, I highly recommend everyone take a mental health day : )

on another note, i still haven't figured out how to keep my post flowing so you have to click them!!

& Lastly, I am announcing ... Brittany & Brandon are having a sweet baby Boy! Brice Christopher!!! I cannot wait to meet the little guy in November!!!

Just My Thoughts...

Well, my page design and all that mess is still in the works! However, I figured i'd start blogging away!
Well last night I ended up going to help Jon drop off a huge piece of equipment (an excavator) at a job he is going to do today.
While getting it off the trailer he almost flipped off. He says everything was fine, but It scared me half to death! However-all is good now! & Maybe just maybe I over reacted...But honestly - if you would have been there you would have thought it was about to flip off too! I had already dialed the 9 in my phone for 911!!
After that we ended up meeting my dad & some friends for dinner.... Here is where I go on my tangent!!
OK, It REALLY bothers me when you go to a restaurant & you order GRILLED fish with veggies & a salad with fat free dressing (OK, get the HINT-Im at an Italian/Greek restaurant ordering this---obviously Im trying to eat healthy!) & it comes out drenched in butter...& Not just a little bit of butter or oil - I am talking about soaked!!
WHY ruin a good thing? I actually prefer my vegetables & fish not swimming in butter...Even if I didnt eat healthy- its just gross!
Plus, if im going to eat all those calories - i'd much rather chose for myself what it was going to be! If my arteries are going to clog it's going to be on pizza, pasta & yummy desserts!! NOT fish & Veggies!!!
That is such a pet peeve!
Someone proceeded to say that McDonalds was being sued for having toys with there meals so the children wanted to eat the food - (Ok, not sure if that's the REAL story- just what I heard, but if so...) People get a grip! It's not like 5 yr olds have there own car & can drive to McD's! Maybe we should start sueing the parents of the children!?
oh what has the world came too!
However on a positive note, it's 9:40 & Brittany Creamer is calling me NOW to let me know what her baby is!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New at this blogging thing!

Well Hello! I've never been able to really figure out the whole blog thing! & Twitter just completely blows my mind!
I debated whether or not to do one-especially since we don't have little children to talk about or anything EXTREMELY exciting going on... I thought what am I going to even talk about-Life is wonderful, but pretty simple. SO we shall see ;)
I hope I can figure this thing out!! Everyone elses just seems so fancy! ha!