"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have before you: Love, Forgiveness & Prayer"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what would donald trump say??

You probably will not appreciate this video unless you know the background information.
BUT, for those of you who do....... ENJOY :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jons Birthday Weekend & Halloween

Not only was this weekend Halloween weekend, but it was also my husbands birthday weekend....It started off by riding around on my husbands birthday present to himself....

Yes, for some reason my husband and his brother we're dying to have a golf cart, so now they've gone in "halfsies" on a CLUB CAR!  We took it around Michael's (jon's brothers) neighborhood - which is our soon to be neighborhood :) Then went and ate at our favorite pizza place.
Saturday started off by me catering to Jon as he watched football all day - he's big birthday wish- & then going to my dad's hunting land in Laurens, SC.
OK, Jon was dying to go "hunting" (his new hobby as of this year!) on my dad's land, that was his birthday wish! However, being logical, and since it was already 3 something and we still had to go to Jon's brothers, load the golf cart then drive ALL the way to Laurens - I found it kind of dumb that we were going!! Going to do all that work just to sit in some stand for ONE hour and then head back home - (The sun goes down earlier now-duh!) However, I kept my mouth shut and honored his birthday wish.
We eventually got to Laurens and dropped Michael off at his stand - in the golf cart of course - & then headed to our hunting stand....where we both were very LOUD getting into it.
As I was climbing up I noticed something in a field nearby, I at first thought it was a hog but turned out it was a turkey....Needless to say, next thing I know, I look up and THERE WAS A BUCK! I yelled HOLY COW! Jon turned around and got his gun ready- to realize that it wasn't loaded & the safety was on....(if you know my husband, you know he is REALLY not a hunter, he is crazy about animals, so this hobby is quite odd)
For some reason the addrenaline got into me and since hunting is supposed to mean killing something, I started yelling "Shoot it, Shooot it" Yes, I know! Horrible!!! (This is where my husband got to expierence a women at her finest!!!) But, to be honest, I really didnt think he would!
Jon pulled the trigger, I saw the antlers fall to the side and I busted out CRYING!!!!!!!!
Tears and all I said "BUT, I LOVED him". now, some people might call that a little bipolar lol, but I just call it a women! :) HA!!!! ha!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what came over me! I guess I wasn't expecting him to really do it! Jon looked at me w/ the most pitiful face & said "Brittani, Im sorry!"
However, it was an 8 point! Which is AWESOME to be his first! & Will probably be his only, I don't think he's a deer hunter, now he said he's going to try hogs! However, we are going to eat the meat.

& Ironically enough - Jon's brother killed his first, a 7 point, that day also.

OK, Sunday - Jon's actual birthday and halloween....

We didn't do too much, woke up & did presents.....

then we went to church, came home & hung out a little more & then got ready to celebrate a little bit of Halloween before dinner w/ the Houstons!

We took the kids to Uncle Mikes and Jon's parents house to trick or treat......

 I am a cupcake--duh for Jons birthday!!! BUT, I kept having a little costume malfunction!!! , Jon is a whoopie cushion, Bailey is a lobster & dixie is a bumble bee!! & OF COURSE, we had to add our new family member....CC the club car!!!! :)

Dixie riding to grandma's!!!!
HAPPY 31st! OLD MAN!!! :)