"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have before you: Love, Forgiveness & Prayer"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Fall Cheer ;)

Well, I created a blog the other day, but I didn't have time to finish it --so until I find where it's saved (if it even really saved) I can't post it :)
I'll be blogging about our charleston trip soon - whenever I put up the pictures - yes Im slack!
Until Until then...Just thought I'd send a little wednesday - FIRST DAY OF FALL (WOHOOO) Cheer!!!

I am definitely SO excited my favorite season has arrived....However, this SC hot weather still is NOT going to cut it :)
I am ready for boots, scarfs, pumpkins, festivals & more!
ONE way to bring some fall cheer is to get the Pumpkin Spice hand soap at Bath & Body. It's AMAZING. Even my little brother LOVED it so much he wouldn't let my mom give the extras away.

Well - I said I was going to bring cheer ha! SO since I can't make it cooler outside or your work day go by any faster thought i'd just share this really quick---
I think we all spend some time - maybe not a lot- but occasionally- I think we all think of how are life would be better if :
We lived in a certain place, had a little bit more money, lost a few more pounds, whatever it maybe etc....
To often, I think we find ourselves (im guilty too) wishing things were different instead of being greatful for what we have!

There is no such thing as perfect & even the people we sometimes look at & think "Wow there life is perfect", then later you find out something & think WOW Im glad to be in my shoes! :)
(No, I don't spend all day wishing I was someone else or had all these things) BUT, I do know at some point something has crossed all of our minds.

In a nut shell-- if you have a great family, food on the table, shelter, health & MOST Importantly JESUS Christ as your LORD than YOU are BLESSED!
I read a story this week about a little girl in hospice - the story got me thinking about well 1-how blessed we truly are and always seem to forget it & 2- how hospice really concentrates on the QUALITY of LIFE.

Why do we not concentrate more on OUR quality or LIFE? We are not promised tommorow.
Just food for thought!! I also heard on the radio of the 116 (I think) yr old man who gave some encouragement speech (sometime in the last few days). He's the oldest man! :) Im going to listen to it later!

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  1. Oh I LOVE this post! It's so true and I constantly need to hear that!! I can't wait to see your pictures from Charleston! I loved your comment on my blog about Greenville-I'm glad I'm not the only one!! :) ps-Pumpkin Spice is my favorite too, and I went to Bath and Body works Sunday to get it and they DISCONTINUED IT!! SO Sad!! The new ones are not near as good, but I got the "Leaves" Wallflower and it smells amazing. Love you!!