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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Building OUR House!!!

Well, I wish I had tons of pictures to show...but I don't! We got our building permit on Friday - which I was THRILLED about! :) & All weekend we began picking out our floor plan.
Being a builders wife- we have to pick out something that we like, but also something that will sell in two years or so! :) (Until we eventually settle down on some land!)
However, we seemed to find the PERFECT house! It's kind of bad b/c we obviously will sell it in probably two years or so but I am SO in LOVE w/ it!
We had a few changes to make & my husband made the floor plan so awesome!! :)
He has really done a great job! I almost feel like I need to NOT like something about it that way when we sell it i'll be glad. ha!
It's beautiful :) & I am so excited. This will definitely keep me busy for a few months!
Since Jon is a builder, we are probably going to leave it for sale for a month or so when it is finished. If it sales it will be good in a since- but I will probably be a little sad b/c I LOVE it!
Im already planning my fall porch for next year, my christmas display in the dining room etc. Yes, Im nuts! :)
Any time I mention anything about the house my dad says "Girl, that boy knows what he's doing" & yes he definitely does!!! BUT, I think my dad thinks Im going to drive Jon slap crazy! bahaha!
-i havent...yet! :)
I'll post pictures along the way!! Just thought I'd share what we'd been up to the last few days!!!

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  1. AHHHHHHH!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!!!! That is my dream!!! I cannot wait to see what you pick out!! Make sure to post all the details!! :)