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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hump Day.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Let's see few things...

Weekend Recap: We had a wonderful weekend... Friday we met some friends (Jon & Caroline) & went to the my hubbys hs football teams BIG GamE!
We first met at my FAVORITE pizza place - MIchaels in Easley and ate then headed to watch the GREENWAVE play :) There I ran into my friend Amanda (above) whose bf graduated pickens - the big rival- & got to enjoy catching up with her the WHOLE game! So fun! We even supported our men w/ there teams t's :) 
Saturday I spent it shopping w/ mom & enjoying the rents for a bit.
Sunday- Jon & I went to church w/ my family & to lunch. Then road around all day searching for open houses. & To top it off - we went & ate mexican! Used to be our fav but now I wont let us go: )HA! Yep- I splurged :)
Great weekend!!! :)

We also found out some great news - it's not set in stone - nothing ever is - but it looks like we will be moving back to Jon's home town & building!!! I am SO excited about it!! We have really missed living closer to everyone, so it will be SO wonderful to be closer to our family & friends!!
SO nice! It's been pretty good living where we live now, ust not as FUN packed/friend packed - up until probably last week did I really realize how hectic it was just to meet up w/ friends on week nights etc & I was kind of getting a little fed up & ready to be back (However, I didn't say anything to Jon or anyone!) - & God has just seemed to work things otu to open that door!
SO Exciting! I probably should not announce such news on a blog - but it's just a few of you who read it :) SO not a big deal!

God is just working away!

& to update Brice : he is doing wonderful. He is 2lbs 8oz & absolutely the cutest thing I ever seen! God has been so amazing in taking care of our sweet little boy!!!

Also, we are going to stay in Charleston this weekend with my parents at there condo :) I am SO Excited! Need a little vacay!!!

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  1. Ok first of all...I LOVE your new blog look!!! Especially that precious picture!! Secondly...HOW EXCITING you're going to be building a house!!!!! That is like my dream!! You have to keep me updated on all of the details!! SO FUN!!!!! oh and ps-good for you for splurging on your weekend-that's what weekends are for! :)