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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a few Run Pictures....

As you know, we did our MIDNIGHT FLIGHT Run Friday Night!! Jon & I ended up staying together throughout the run...however he probably could have gone faster.
Knowing what goes on during exercise (I mean I am in exercise physiology) I had planned for myself to take off prettty slow & stay at a steady pace until the end.
HOWEVER, something sort of made me just take off. I didn't bolt out of there, but I probably should have started at a slower pace-more my speed.
anywho i almost died we had a great time! :)
I've signed us up for Race for the Cure @ The end of this month--which we have to raise money for - so ANY donations are greatly appreciated....
Im probably going to do the Spinx race --with my team mates ;)
I am also signed up for the Turkey Trot in November & The Turkey Day Race.
& SOmetime in October the whole family will be walking in the alzihiemers walk--for my sweet uncle!
However the Turkey Race is a 8k & it's actually Thanksgiving Morning! SO I must get busy b/c as of now-i am NOT prepared. GO ME!
ANYways- a few pictures of us from Friday.....................

Do we really have to go? It's getting closer to my bedtime.

Team Gear-CHECK

Tracking Chip
This guy is READY


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  1. awww!! I love it!! So cute! I'm so impressed...I'd give anything to be a runner. I need to start! ps-I LOVE your cute kitchen!! Oh and about that shirt I had on, I put a response under your response on my blog :)