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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Boy Brice Update!!!

I haven't done any Brice updates lately- things have been kind of crazy around here but our little miracle is still doing GREAT :)
In the last week his weight gain has just been incredible, he just keeps putting on the pounds!! Last night he was up to 3lbs 5oz!!! He will be 8 weeks old tom & is just doing really well :)
He is still on oxygen & c-pap. Once he gets off the C-pap & feeds from a bottle really good for I think a week, he will be able to go home...So hopefully that'll be sometime in our near future!! =)
He can go home on oxygen, just not c-pap & of course they have to make sure he's eating good, so we still have a little while, but the way things are going - it's looking good.

Brice is now starting to wear little teeny preemie clothes. The nurses encouraged Britt to get him a Halloween costume. Of course, she had to get a doll or stuffed animal sized costume, so she went to build a bear and got our sweet baby a pumpkin costume! He's going to be the cutest pumpkin ever!!
However, at the rate he is growing he may be too big for it! But that would be a good thing too!

Coming from a musical family- Brice LOVES to hear his daddy sing to him! Brittany says he gets to wiggling his little feet & it's just precious!!!
Everything is going good. He has a wonderful nurse Shelby & two wonderful parents!
He is an everyday reminder of just how good God is!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh...what a sweet tiny little angel!!! So glad to see he is doing so great! And the pumpkin costume is too stinking cute!!