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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a BUGS world. Im just living in it!

I was very excited about getting car detailed today.
However, when I picked it up, they didn't do as well as normal!
Oh well- I headed home, still happy to be in a clean car. 
I arrived home & put my key (I had taken it off the key ring for the detailer) back on the ring, then placed it in my pocketbook and in the passenger seat so I could walk around the car & empty out my stuff on that side-however SOMEHOW when I shut the door I locked my keys in my car!
SO-I am still locked out of my car w/ no spare key. Luckily- I locked myself out at home! HOWEVER, I am still waiting for my brother to bring me a key & all the material I need to be going over for tom is in the car!!! Along with my pocketbook! 

I decided since I couldn't look over my important material -which I really should be doing- that I would continue to be productive...(however I really wanted to just plop down & watch tv) I worked out a bit & then decided I'd go spray the weeds! 
Sprayed the weeds some but the sprayer was having some issues, so I decided to clean up a little in the back yard. I had some bags of potting soil laying up against the house that I hadn't done away with yet... I picked up the first one & threw it in the big trash can, as I went to move the second one, I noticed......
a BIG BLACK SHINY SPIDER! (Probably the size of a silver dollar) OK, so as if he wasn't bad enough---underneath her (I guess I should say) was 4 .. YES  4 gumball SIZED EGGS/SACKS!

Yeah, Im not kidding! I thought to myself - stay calm, stay calm! I then called my husband explaining to him how he has NEVER seen anything like this!!! 
However, getting really annoyed when he told me that I should just hit them.......
OKAY--ABOUT THAT- I have actually tried that before-one time I hit a huge spider with a sledge hammer & guess what happeened-----------------babies, babies, babies, babies! LOTS Of BABIES!
Wait- have I mentioned that the SHINY black SPIDER was a BLACK WIDOW! MEANING: The 4 sacks consist of BABY BLACK WIDOWS!

OF COURSE I AM NOT going to BUST those SACKS!!!!! & HAVE little BABIES running around....I am NOT going to welcome 500,000 baby black widows into my pea size backyard for them to play around on my dogs and sneak there little way into my house! No sireee!

I then called my dad who said the same thing: Kill em! 

GUYS ARE you CRAZY? By me trying to kill them it's almost like waking a sleeping dragon!!! Not going to do it!

SO What was my solution????

1. Panic Attack
2. Breath & Recover from the attack!
3. Go Inside & NEVER go back out! however, quickly going back outside before tooo dark to get a few snap shots!
4. Wait until tom...LUCKILY the extirminator is coming tom! SO I am PRAYING the babies do not hatch until then & he can safely remove all black widow and black widow babies & by safely I MEAN KILL THEM! 

it's weird how living in a "patio" home can make you feel like you live in the jungle sometimes.

A few pictures-however it was getting dark & this totally has no comparision on the REAL DEAL.
Need less to say my little Baileyboo will NOT be going in the backyard ANY time soon!
ugh-so much for me trying to help out!

OK, so you cant even see the BIG MAMA WIDOW as she was hiding from the camera & YOU can ONLY see three of the HUGE sacks! 
Ugh-be thankful you can't get the real effect-otherwise you might not sleep! CREEPY.

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  1. STOP IT!!!! I'm itching all over!! That is siiiiick!!!! I hope that exterminator gets them!! You poor little thing!!