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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OhOhOhOh...This is only for the BORED at heart ;)

well, for all of you reading this don't say I didn't warn you-i told you I wouldn't have anything extremely interesting to blog about!! Ha!
My highlights of the day were 1. Getting my new protein shake mix (Pro 5) YUMMY! & 2. Just now going to the grocery store! lol
I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work just to pick up a FEW things! I haven't been letting myself go too often lately since all I do is BUY & buy & then come home and eat all my yummy organic snacks & the calories & the $ just adds up. Anyways I had to get a few things.
I decided to park "heart healthy" since I probably wasnt going to do any cardio today. (did weights this morning & trying to let my body rest a little -- bahahaha! I can talk myself out of cardio SO easily!)
I decided to change into my walking shoes (you know-optimal health!) SO, I went into the grocery store wearing "Classic" Capris & Dorky running shoes! Is this really who I am now? A HUGE dork!
(By classic I mean an outfit that maybe slightly old, but still works!)   (Side note-by old, I mean Limited...& If your from G'ville, you know the limited hasn't been here since oh lets say high school-yes there from high school!)
Anywhoooo- While I was in Publix there were several mom's in there just being SO incredibly ill and harsh on there kids! Whoa! Honestly, that's what made me want to write the blog. Do people not realize they are embarrassing themselves? Im all for correcting your children, but gosh you don't have to treat them like dogs in the middle of the store. OR PERIOD. I swear being around unpleasant mom's can absolutely RUIN your trip-ANYWHERE. Just listening to them be SO hateful & gripe. UGH-so redneck!!! PUBLIX-where shopping can be a pleasure-depending on whose moms in there!
I PRAY I am not like that! I can't imagine. The Lord would have to bless me w/ some PRETTYdarn *BAD* kids before I'd act like that.
Ladies, keep it classy while shopping or call a sitter ;) Ha!
On another note- I checked out-purchasing what I thought was a "few" things, barely anything, but Publix obviously found it to be worth $73.00!! Grocery shopping is pricey! That was actually cheap - but considering I just got A FEW THINGS! =)

Now about my "classic outfits".....This part goes out to my MOTHER.
I decided to leave some CLASSIC outfits at my parents house when going to college. Partially b/c they didn't fit anymore - they were too big- however SINCE there were a few "Classic" items in there, I wanted to keep them, just incase I ever got bigger, ya know post baby!
Well, obviously my mom just didnt have ENOUGH room in there house & GAVE all of them away! & Im serious, a bunch were classics! LOL & There's been a few times where I might could have worn them (YoYoYo). Blah Blah Blah! That just erks me!

Some good news - I don't know if I told ya'll but Brittany & Brandon are having a little boy - I thnk I did! BUT, they are also moving a little bit closer to me! I will pass there exit everyday on my way home & chances are when they move in, they will get sick of me :) I Am SO pumped!! Especially when my little heart, baby Brice, gets here!!!

Well - I sure do hope everyone is having a HAPPY HUMP day!! Whoop Whoop!
I'm going to go handi vac underneath my cabinets for FUN! lol  (Yes, everyone desperately NEEDS a handi vac) Do some house hold chores & then relax with my health magazine (probably a waste of $5.00 since I think I've read every article that could ever be created)

LOVE Ya'll ;)

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  1. Ok I just laughed so hard when I read "Publix...where shopping is a pleasure...depending on what moms are there" BAHAHAAHA!! That is so funny, and I feel the EXACT same way!! I always want to take those kids with me, I feel so bad for them! And that is so funny that your mom gave all of your clothes away-My mom did the same thing!! I was so mad at her!! haha Oh well...I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July, love!!