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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just My Thoughts...

Well, my page design and all that mess is still in the works! However, I figured i'd start blogging away!
Well last night I ended up going to help Jon drop off a huge piece of equipment (an excavator) at a job he is going to do today.
While getting it off the trailer he almost flipped off. He says everything was fine, but It scared me half to death! However-all is good now! & Maybe just maybe I over reacted...But honestly - if you would have been there you would have thought it was about to flip off too! I had already dialed the 9 in my phone for 911!!
After that we ended up meeting my dad & some friends for dinner.... Here is where I go on my tangent!!
OK, It REALLY bothers me when you go to a restaurant & you order GRILLED fish with veggies & a salad with fat free dressing (OK, get the HINT-Im at an Italian/Greek restaurant ordering this---obviously Im trying to eat healthy!) & it comes out drenched in butter...& Not just a little bit of butter or oil - I am talking about soaked!!
WHY ruin a good thing? I actually prefer my vegetables & fish not swimming in butter...Even if I didnt eat healthy- its just gross!
Plus, if im going to eat all those calories - i'd much rather chose for myself what it was going to be! If my arteries are going to clog it's going to be on pizza, pasta & yummy desserts!! NOT fish & Veggies!!!
That is such a pet peeve!
Someone proceeded to say that McDonalds was being sued for having toys with there meals so the children wanted to eat the food - (Ok, not sure if that's the REAL story- just what I heard, but if so...) People get a grip! It's not like 5 yr olds have there own car & can drive to McD's! Maybe we should start sueing the parents of the children!?
oh what has the world came too!
However on a positive note, it's 9:40 & Brittany Creamer is calling me NOW to let me know what her baby is!

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  1. Sickkk I hate that too!! If you go out to eat, you can hardly EVER eat healthy I feel like...Keep updating-I LOVE your new blog!!