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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catch up....

Well, we had an overall pretty good 4th weekend!! We ended up making our rounds- Hartwell (to see the Panagakos'), Keowee (visit the Houstons) & Jocassee on Monday to just enjoy e/o! Jocassee is amazing, if you have NOT been you must-- it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love it ;)
Yes, it's just awesome!!! We always have the best time there! (I would LOVE go camping or motor home-ing there -ha!)
Anyways- I forgot to take pictures, so I have nothing really to show! BUT, have no DOUBT-- I was rockin' my AMERICAN FLAG bathing suit!!! No worries there! I am all about tradition!
We also listened to Lee Greenwood on the way to the fireworks show!!!
& Yes, lastly- I had my red toes! (However, in past times - they were red w/ a flag---but what can I say - times are tough lol - they were just red!)

OH yeah! My newest excitement! Which if your friends w/ me on facebook, you probably already know -- BUT - i got a pair of the VIBRAM 5 fingers!!!

I am SO thrilled about these! & SO far (One day in) I LOVE them!! 
If you don't know what they are- they are basically a multisport shoe-good for running, hiking, climbing, yoga, cross training, watersports etc. & Depending on WHY you want them can kind of depend on which type you by! they are the closest thing to barefoot baseically :) 
I've heard a lot of positive feedback about them....however one guy wrote on my fb saying that they make your feet sweat and then they begin to stink and there a waste!!
However, I think there great :) I'll let you know if I change my mind!!! 

thats about all going on in my world :) 
We may or may not go to charleston this weekend...we are in the deciding process still... hm.
hope everyone has a great rest of the short week! (Why can't all weeks be this great/short??) & Weekend!
Love ya!

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  1. Oh my gosh, my brother has those and he literally wears them all the time and LOVES them!! I think they are awesome! So fun y'all made your rounds at the lake-Jocassee is my favorite too!! And I love the comment about the red toes "times are tough" hahaha I hear ya sister! :)

    ok 1. We went to lake Cherokee which is right above Jocassee. 2. I already asked my mother-in-law for that pizza recipe so she is going to give it to me as soon as they get home next week so I'll be sure to give it to you, and lastly...if I had skin as beautiful as yours I would most likely NEVER wear sunscreen...you were made for the sun! :)

    I'm so sad you didn't take pictures of your american flad suit! Make sure you do next time!! :)

    Love you!