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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My first 5K!

Today I ran my first 5k! I didnt really plan to run, I was just going to go walk it for the cause :)
I haven't really ran since the few short weeks I was "becoming a runner" than injured a knee, so need less to say, I didn't get too far on my journey! (Little discouraging)
My cousins, Chloe & Clayton - who were blessed with a lot better genetics! ha! - ran it also :)
Suprisingly, I actually ran most of it... With an avg of about a 10.5 min mile... Not super speedy but it's do able :) We had a lot of fun doing it & I was suprised I actually ran most of it-especially since I was not feeling too super well & I have NEVER been to great at running!
SO, Hopefully I will be doing another with the kids again & can up that time!
It'd help if someone would give me an early bday present, a treadmill!!!!
I have one right now, but I kind of think that is the reason for my injury. The 1902 model treadmill isn't level & it messes up my knee.
I am pretty sure my aunt & uncle are going to run in the next one! So thats exciting! We will have a whole TEAM!
Hopefully I can talk Andrew into getting motivated & running some with me!
I LOVE to watch Loosing it with Jillian. I think that show is just SO awesome! & So amazing how changing certain habits, loosing weight & becoming more active changes and affects so many aspects of there life. It always seems the reason people aren't doing certain things is b/c they think they can't! They always think that they cannot do it & until they realize they can, they can't!!! I think a lot of us have that problem & that is the reason we don't do it (Whatever "it" may be!) BUT, when you realize you can and you do... It is a great feeling!! :) Whew-Im such a motivator! I can talk the talk, alright! :) ha! Might need to step up the walk! A lady the other day told me I motivated her to start running again...I was excited for her! That's great! (However, I thought in my head- hmm im not really even running anymore!-cant even motivate myself here!) Okay, Okay! Those are just my rambling thoughts!!!!

On another note- as I sat here & blogged about running &drank my protein shake-here's what my boys were up to ...

oh yeah & dont worry they both were snooring! (You can barely see Bailey)

Happy Saturday!!! :)

& On an ending note - two quotes from my favorite book....
1. "Never overestimate the power to change others. Never underestimate the power to change yourself"
2. "Judge your success, by the degree of which you are enjoying Health, Love & Happiness :)" 

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