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Friday, June 25, 2010

Dairy Freeee...

Well, about a month or two ago I decided to try & go Dairy Free... Honestly, I didn't find it too hard...Especially since they have SO many substitutes these days! You can almost do it w/o even trying!
My allergies improved- however I didn't realize it until I became worried about my calcium intake & started drinking Milk again... Sure enough my allergies were back!! So, I just decided to cut out dairy for the most part. I mean there are SO many debates in the nutrition area these days. it's almost hard to say whats wrong or right!
Some people are saying NO dairy b/c it's made for calfs & we dont need the same things that a baby calf needs to grow... Etc...I have read lots about it being linked to other issues also-if these studies are true, it is kind of un real the problems dairy can cause. One study said cases of Rhuematoid arthritis were improved by cutting out dairy.
I didn't go to the extreme with it, I don't sit & read every label looking for Milk - however almost EVERYTHING has milk (even baked lays?!) in the ingredients! I have just mainly cut out milk (as a drink), cheese etc.
I did slip up the other night & have ice cream - one of my favorite things! I had no idea I would pay for it!! Sure enough- My throat started hurting and my allergies acted up again!! Unreal! & Of course my stomach wasn't thrilled either!
SO, my body has just basically decided we are good with out it :)
I enjoy drinking almond milk & coconut milk. My multivitamin has plenty of calcium & I get it from other fooods :)
Ha! This doesnt mean I'll NEVER have a slice of pizza EVER again! Im not going to the extreme - b/c I simply don't have too! (its not life or death)(& Cheese doesnt make me feel as bad as milk) BUT, since I have figured out I feel better with out it I wont be drinking it or having a bowl of dairy ice cream! Luckily they do have a ton of things now that are dairy free & just as wonderful =)


  1. Oh gosh, you're amazing! What multivitamin do you take? There is only one kind I've tried that doesn't make me feel nautious! I need help!!

  2. Right now, I am taking GNC's Womens Active Pack! I Don't nec think GNC is the best-- BUT, probably better than the grocery store ones I was previously buying! I was taking one that gave me an allergic reaction. BUT, yes if you don't eat with them than you can become nauseous - occasionally I do-what works w/ you??