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Monday, June 28, 2010

Just another day + Date Night ;)

Well, well nothing too exciting going on, but thought i'd write for a minute before I go soak in the bath & watch Unusual Suspects on the ID channel - love that channel :)
I had a wonderful day yesterday at the lake w/ Jon & My baby brother!!
Then a great dinner celebrating Michael's birthday at Kanpai with the Houstons! Oh yes, I actually splurged & bought there yummy yellow salad dressing! Love it! - No it's NOT ginger!
Today was good b/c I got to "work" with my brother, Andrew. We have such a good time together.
Then, Jon & I had a date night. We were celebrating his accomplishment of recently finishing a custom home for an old high school buddy! The house looks great! SO, I was going to surprise him & take him to Saskatoons since he absolutely loves the Kangaroo-however when I called, I found out that was not on special, so we ended up going to the Peddler! So good ;)
Then we rode around looking at houses, since he is about to start another one! This will be exciting!! I must say, he is extremely talented ;)
To be a Monday it was a pretty GREAT day!
& We came home to a super clean house...which is ALWAYS a plus!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I did not know he was a builder!! You have to post pictures of his houses!! I want to see!