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Friday, July 30, 2010

Three Wonderful Years...........

Today is our 3 year anniversary -(dating of course!)When I reminded Jon that it was this week he said "Are you sure it's not 4?" Which honestly it does feel longer than 3 in many ways. (HE thought 4 b/c literally we've had 4 summers together).
I had known Jon & His room mate Wes for quite a few years---(ha! That's a great story in it's self--but we don't have time for that).... But, it never was like "that". LONG story short- 3 years ago today Jon & I went to eat .... I didn't consider it a date....really didn't even want to go-but did. I chose Mexican b/c it's quick! LOL However, ended up having a wonderful time... Still didn't expect anything to come of it (AT ALL) until a day later when he asked me to do something again......... & Again we had a blast :) Seeing e/o everyday that week & honestly-probably everyday from then on out. It only took me about a month or 2 to know he was the one!! Pretty crazy! :)
A year ago today- we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary together and Jon told me that I needed to start picking out or just getting an idea about a ring!! I was super excited and decided to make a joke later on when he asked me what I thought was a good price range!
I was 100% kidding & said something extremely high! I told him I was kidding but he took me seriously! & for a few months, I really think he thought I was serious!!
However, in December Jon suprised me w/ the most perfect ring ever! =) I couldn't have asked for MORE! :) Even though I really thought i had scared him off :) ha!!!
Now, on our 3 year Anniversary we have been married for 3 months!! :)

Jon suprised me at the beginning of this week and told me we were going to go downtown last night for dinner. We went to a place we hadn't ever been before, Nantucket! (Jon's idea! b/c he knows I LOVE fish!) It was great :) We had a blast & even got valet parking--aren't we fancy=) Ha!!! Then we walked down to Larkins on the River thing where they had a live band & it was awesome!! (I really wish I would have taken pictures-meant too but-)

Three years later, I couldn't ask for anything more!!! Except more wonderful years  :)


  1. Love me son BPanHouston and Jon! Congrats!

  2. awww I love it!!! You are so funny-we are the same way about valet parking...I feel like a celebrity when we do it! haha I'm so glad you have found someone so perfect for you!!