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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Random Thoughts...

There isn't a whole lot going on our way so I just thought i'd blog my "random thoughts". 
Well 1- When I got home today & checked the mail I realized we had 3 pieces of "junk" mail. For some reason I thought WHEW! Just junk mail! :) I remember that used to irritate me to get junk, but today I thought well Im just glad that wasn't a bill :) ha ha!!! 

...This past weekend we went to a cookout at Wes' house! (Jons old roommate & at one point the neighbor!) I decided to take a friend on mines "Puppy Chow" Recipe..... I had never tried it & I wanted to see what it was all about...Delicious! You gain about 5 lbs just in the "whipping it up" process. You know you have to lick your fingers and sample every single step of the way :) However it was a big  hit :) 

...Another random thought, I try to eat healthy most of the time...I try to give my body things it needs - lean meats (plenty of fish), healthy fats, fruits & veggies etc. At the end of the day you would think my body would say "Thanks for giving me all of those nutrients" BUT, oh no! It doesn't!!!  Instead, it sends me to bed for a few hours & then I find my 1/2 asleep self in the kitchen eating cookies! or just plain junk!!!
Huge disappointment when you go to sleep having a good "eating" day & wake up to realize you ate 500 extra calories in the middle of the night!? what in the world!?!  I told you this was random...
Please no one write me and inform me that Im not getting enough calories in the day - trust me I am!! Obviously my body doesn't want me to lose the 8 or so lbs I gained pre-wedding/honeymoon! 

On another note, this weekend we are having a baby shower for Jon's cousins wife! They are having a little boy in September. After that we are all meeting at Jon's grandmothers house for  a family dinner. 
Jon's cousins are coming from NC & his sister from ATL...So it should be a good time...
(No, unfortunately they gipped us & didn't make FAMILY REUNION T-Shirts this yr :(-- Bahahaha!)

Well, that's enough random nonsense for one day :)  Everyone watch Loosing it w/ Jillian tonight :) :) 

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  1. I love your blog!! I am laughing over here because I can identify! I used to eat more crap in the night than I would the entire day...within like 30 minutes and then be so mad, but I love that you said "Don't tell me I'm not getting enough calories" hahaha I hate when people say stuff like that, unless it's actually true. Keep writing-I love reading!!