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Friday, July 16, 2010

Health is Wealth -- Random Facts :)

I love to know facts like this, so as Im sitting here reading a Prevention magazine that I found on my desk, I decided to share =)

Reduce Stress 200% ---- Hold Hands

Lower Risk of Dementia 19% --- Eat more Fish

Live 5 Years Longer ---  Sip Some Merlot 

Ease Back Pain by 56% ---- DO Yoga

Cut Stroke Risk 21% --- Brew a Pot of Tea

Cut Risk of Head and Neck Cancer by 400% ---- Brush & Floss

Feel 20% Happier -- Write a thank you note!

Improve blood flow by 21% -- LAUGH :)

Good to know : Condiment Cures =)

Ketchup - lowers risk of CV Disease - LYCOPENE!

Buckwheat Honey - Fights Aging

Hot Sauce/Chile Peppers - Curbs Appetite

Olive Oil - Boost Long Term Memory

Cinnamon - Stablizes Blood Sugar Levels

Horseradish - Detoxes your body

Sauerkraut - Eases Digestion

LAUGH a lot! A good sense of humor cures almost all of life's ills.

Life's Little Instruction Book # 273

"Remember Overnight Success Usually takes about 15 yrs"

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