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Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Review Numero Dos! :)

If it weren't for my mother...I would have never considered buying this product....

My mom shared w/ me that she had been using the "AS SEEN ON TV-Heel Tastic" & it worked great.
I didn't fully believe that it would work as well as she said, but I decided that if I ran across it I'd pick one up!
Well sure enough! I found one at CVS! & Let me tell you, it works great!!! :) Super easy to use! Just rub on and go to sleep. I would highly recommend it & it's only $10.00! 
It was SO good, I considered posting it on FB, since I don't have many readers on the blog! :) However, another part of me said  not to :) I felt like it might be screaming to the world "Hello, I have crusty   I can't even say that word (*Gag*) (& trust me there not the C word)...Okay, basically like saying "HELLO, My heels aren't perfect in the winter" :) 
I think that's a better way to sum it up. You get the gist :) 
Maybe product reviewing can be my new job! :) LOL

They sale them at drug stores & Bath & Body Works! :) Try it!!

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  1. Oh my gosh I just busted out laughing!!! bahahaha!! I seriously HAVE to try this, and my mother in law will die-she'll be so excited! I'm gonna surprise her with it! I think you should most definitely do product reviews!! Those are some of my favorite things to read!!