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Monday, December 13, 2010

Life Lately..........

Just a brief fill in of our life lately.....

Well...Let's see...Some big events coming up are....

December 15th (Wednesday)- Im having lasik!! yay! A teeny bit nervous, but for the most part I am READY!!

December 22nd- Jon & I are going to Nashville for the Garth Brooks concert!!! that may not mean anything to anybody, but to me THAT IS A DREAM COME TRUE!
When I was younger, I fell madly in love w/ Garth Brooks, but then he retired...so getting to see him in concert, really is a dream! :)

Other than that nothing to exciting our way...

We're still building. Kinda a slow process w/ all the other work Jon has going on & the weather...It'll be interesting to see in a year from now if we sold it or moved in it!
Yes, I did say sold it! We were originally going to build this house for us, but Jon's says now that we might try to sell it! UGH! MY PERFECT HOUSE PLAN!!!!!! SO, I guess it'll be interesting to see where our stockings will hang next year!!

We've had a wonderful thanksgiving! Got to visit w/ my cousin from FL & his children & my little nephew, who is about 18months. :) I love, love, love playing with him! Such a fun age!
Our house was completly WINTER WONDERLAND-ed the day after thanksgiving! &We've been visiting many, many lights since then! :)
I'm rocking reigndeer ears for my car, a christmas pocketbook, i have two christmas t shirts & a house full of "nicnacs" as my bestfriend Shelly says :)
What can I say? I love the holidays!!
Still need to finish some shopping even though I feel almost broke! :) ha!

Spent a wonderful day with my bestfriend, Shelly saturday! We had a great time rockin' christmas tees & Shopping! :) Then My parents & cousins came down to dinner & we topped the night off with LOVE & OTHER DRUGS! :) Good movie!

That's about it!! Hope you all enjoy your holiday season!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh I Love it!!! Where did you even find a Christmas purse?!! We need a picture! I love how festive you are...I need some serious "nicnacs" around my house. SO glad you're back to the blogging world!!!