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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brice Meets Santa!

As you all know, Or at least I think I told you, Sweet Baby Brice got to come home about a month ago!! For a few reasons, I wasn't able to blog about our first meeting! But, Now I can!!

A few days after Brice came home, Brittany said I could come see him! I was estatic (Sp)! I was SO happy! The whole drive to Britt's I was just so nervous, my heart was pounding so hard!!! Finally, I arrived. I gathered all my little gifts for him and made my way to the door. When I opened the door, there it was ...My bestfriend (one of them!) holding this teeeny tiny precious beautiful little baby!!! I BURST into tears! Uncontrollable tears!! I had to dry them up though! I didn't want to make a bad 1st impression! :) 
Brice is still doing beautifully! He is truly a miracle from God & God has worked out so many things for Brittany & Brandon along the way. it is truly amazing. He is now 4 months old & weighing 7lb 4oz! & Will probably be ab le to come off of the oxygen pretty soon! 

Yesterday, Brice got to come to my parents house & meet my parents (who fell in love w/ him) & sit on my daddy's Santa's lap! He is SO sweet! I love him SO much! Sometimes I wish they'd just give him to me!! 

Merry Christmas!! :) 

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